Is Pet Insurance A Good Idea?

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Is Pet Insurance A Good Idea?

We have the honor and pleasure to provide medical services for your furry babies!  Several clients within the last couple of months have shared amazing stories about the good luck they have had with their pet insurance.

Pet insurance seemed to help our clients and we would like to pass along the information and hope it helps you!

Sweet Little Buster!

We recently had the chance to care for sweet Buster and his Mom shared a great story with us.  Buster is 10 1/2 year old canin terrier/poodle mix with a huge personality and a member of a kind and wonderful family.  When he was younger, Buster’s family purchased pet insurance through Healthy Paws.  About 4 years ago, Buster began to have serious medical issues.  Not only did Lakeview Animal Clinic take care of Buster but he visited different specialist.  Despite having to take several different medications daily and the occasional recheck visit with his specialist doctors, Buster is doing great and happy as ever!  Total cost over the last 4 years for all of Buster’s medical bills added up quickly, around $11,000.  Thanks to pet insurance, the owners only paid $3,000.



Happy Fisher!

Fisher is an exuberant 3 ½ year old Weimaraner with an excitement for life.  He always has a story to tell and his whole body moves with enjoyment.  In January 2017, Fisher was enjoying the great outdoors but fell on a patch of ice, breaking his upper canine tooth.  This is really painful and requires oral surgery.  The canine teeth have incredibly long roots and a curved anatomy to secure its place in the jaw, making them difficult teeth to extract.  The other option for Fisher was to see a veterinary oral surgeon and discuss a possible root canal.

Fisher’s family purchased pet insurance from Healthy Paws, when his was puppy.  Mom was able to contact the insurance company right away and they were very helpful.  The insurance company was able to quickly give pricing and confirm coverage for the oral surgeon.  This information gave Fisher’s family the financial confidence to explore other options.   Fisher proceeded with a root canal, with a quick recovery.  The entire procedure cost $3,700, Fisher’s family only paid $700.

Rose The Brave Corgi!

Rose is a beautiful 3 year old corgi that has yet to meet a treat she did not like.  Her family loves corgis and has owned several in the past.  When Rose was a puppy, the family decided to try pet insurance from Petplan for the first time.  Rose had a rough start, by the age of 6 months; she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia.  In dogs, hip dysplasia is an abnormal formation of the hip socket that, in its more severe form, can eventually cause crippling lameness and painful arthritis of the joints.   At Rose’s last annual exam, the owners express concern for her discomfort and painful hips.   The best option to improve her discomfort and mobility is a hip surgery.  Rose’s owners are able to afford this costly procedure because of pet insurance.


Below are a few pet insurance companies.  Each company has a great website that gives ton of information and immediate quotes:


Healthy Paws:

VPI Pet Insurance: