Benefits of Animal Massage

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Animal Massage



Massage therapy is a series of manual manipulation techniques used to improve a patient’s physical and emotional well being.  Physiological benefits of massage include pain relief, improved joint mobility, relaxation and increased circulation. Many people also find that massage deepens the bond between owner and pet.  Dr. Jamie provides a therapeutic massage for older dogs or those recuperating from injury or surgery and a deep tissue massage for competition dogs, training partners or active companions. Because every dog is different, Dr. Jamie builds an individualized program tailored to meet your companions specific needs.

Therapeutic Massage

Older dogs and those recovering from injury or surgery need special care. A soothing massage can help to maintain muscle tone, lubricate joints for better range of motion, enhance respiratory function and aid in the emotional adjustment to new physical limits. Therapeutic massage is intended to put the animal at ease, but still have an effect on pain reduction and range of motion. Depending on the animals history and presenting complaint, light stretching and range of motion may be incorporated.

Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to a therapeutic massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints). A sports massage may help to prevent injuries and relieve stiffness and soreness that can follow strenuous activity. Dr. Jamie works to locate damaged areas and restore them by loosening muscles, stimulating increased range of motion of joints and removing waste products like lactic acid and toxins that cause pain and tightness. Gentle stretching, myofascial release and or trigger point therapy may be incorporated into treatment. The goal is to facilitate recovery, helping him get back on the field for his next event or vigorous play session.


Benefits of massage include:

  • Massage helps muscles function more efficiently by loosening restrictions as a result of misuse or over use of our muscles. We all know the pain created when we continue to work when exhausted. One example is working out too long or too hard at the gym, or when we take longer walks after a sedentary winter.
  • Massage is an effective tool to detect stiffness, pain, swelling, and tension.
  • Massage improves our dog’s agility whether in play or competition because of its positive effect on stretch receptors, tendon apparatus, muscle fibers and fascia.
  • Massage reduces the buildup of adhesions in the muscles that result from inflammation due to injury, surgery or trauma. Adhesions limit range of motion by shortening the muscles. We can feel adhesions as ropey areas in muscles surrounding an injury.
  • Massage, through the friction strokes and stretching, creates a deliberate inflammatory response that in turn has the effect of “jump starting” the healing process. The resulting inflammatory responses inspire tissue repair in cases of injury and strain by calling forth the healing and energy cells of our body.
  • Massage relieves stress. When done regularly, it helps prevent the negative effects of stress. Of course dogs experience stress and although they don’t seem to hold stress in their bodies the same way we do, stress, over time, can cause deeper longterm problems that require more serious intervention.
  • Massage is soothing and comforting. Who doesn’t need soothing and comforting? Consider times when your dog might need soothing or comforting.
  • Massage triggers the body’s natural ability to heal itself from injury, strain, surgery and exhaustion. There are those times when we or our dog are injured, or perhaps even have had surgery. Massage is often the best therapy to assist in the healing process.
  • Massage maximizes normal function of tissues, organs and bodily systems such as digestion, absorption of nutrients, elimination and the lymph system. Simply by the stress release and relaxation that massage produces, the entire body works more efficiently.
  • Massage encourages relaxation of the tissues through aiding in more efficient functioning of the nerves and chemical changes in the body.

    We provide our unique approach to veterinary therapy through evidence-based chiropractic care and manual therapy, consisting of advanced joint manipulation/adjusting techniques, cutting edge manual therapy, soft tissue treatments, physiotherapy modalities and functional rehabilitative exercises. It is our goal not only to help your animal get out of pain quickly but to empower you as the owner to take an active role in your animals health care. Therapy doesn’t stop after treatment with Dr. Jamie, it continues the moment you walk out the door.

    Dr. Jamie at Full Motion Family Chiropractic takes pride in offering the following:

    • Taking time to listen to your concerns, questions and health care goals for your animal
    • Providing you a unique and individualized approach to your animals treatment
    • Giving you a plan on how to get your animal back to the activities they love the most
    • Coordinating care with your veterinarian and other veterinary specialists

    Whether on two legs or four, each patient receives the same great quality care. Dr. Jamie has the unique ability of working as a physiotherapist for both humans and animals. That may be confusing to some, but muscles, joints and pain respond similarly across species. The key though is understanding proper body mechanics per the animal (or human) you are working on. Dr. Jamie is a licensed human chiropractor with a specialty in human sports and physical rehabilitation. After practicing on humans for several years, she broadened her certifications to include veterinary spinal manipulation – animal chiropractic – and veterinary massage and rehabilitation therapy. Dr. Jamie’s entire focus is on musculoskeletal therapies for infants, children, adults, elderly and animals, including horses.

    Give us a call at 262-695-6120 for more information or to set up an appointment!