Counterfeit Pet Medications

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Can You Tell The Difference Between Pet Medications?
One Of These Are FAKE!









All of us at Lakeview Animal Clinic, love all our furry patients.  All recommendations by our clinic truly have the best interest of your pet in mind.

 It is common practice for online pharmacies to use repackaged products, returned medications and outsourced resources from outside of the US.  We try to keep our price for heartworm and flea/tick medications competitive, but if you decide to purchase medications elsewhere, please be aware of the growing concern of counterfeit medications.

Please be aware that Merial (the company that makes Frontline) does not sell directly to companies outside of Veterinary clinics. This means that the product that you purchase may be a fake “copy-cat”, and could contain nothing more than water or oil, or even dangerous chemicals. The stores will also try and buy supplies from veterinarians so it may be the same product, but likely old, or not stored correctly (shouldn’t freeze, be exposed to high heat, etc.) and may not work correctly.

Click here for Additional Information Regarding Counterfeit Medications from the EPA.

Signs To Watch For When Purchasing Pet Medications

RED Flag #1: If the language anywhere on the box or packaging is not in English as well.



RED Flag #2: All Merial products include reminder stickers for the pet owner’s calendar to help insure compliance. Application information should not be missing.


RED Flag #3: Merial’s packaging is childproof (and really difficult to open).  If it not hard to open, it has been tampered with.


RED Flag #4: Watch for inconsistencies.  All components of a genuine product would be identical, inside and out.



RED Flag #5: Product in the container is not appropriate for the animal or size of animal pictured on the outside.


RED Flag #6:  Difference in weight between the outer package and the product inside.



The manufacturer of products like Heartgard, Frontline, Nexgard and Bravecto WILL NOT GUARANTEE their product if not purchased through a clinic.