February is Pet Dental Health Month!

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We all have busy day to day lives, which makes it really easy to forget things such as our pets’ dental health! That’s why we are here, as your family vet clinic, to remind you of the importance of keeping your pets’ teeth clean!

Did you know that February is Pet Dental Health Month? For the whole month of February, Lakeview Animal Clinic is offering 10% off canine and feline dental cleanings!

Why is dental health so important with our animals? The tartar build up on their teeth is actually full of bacteria. This bacteria can get into their bloodstream and eventually cause damage to organs such as their kidneys, liver, and even their heart.


This is how a day goes for a typical dental cleaning:

* Your pet is fasted overnight and brought into the clinic in the morning (between 8-8:30).

* Their blood is drawn so we can check their kidney, liver, and other organ functions to make sure they can process the anesthesia.

* The animal is then premedicated ( to make them more relaxed, sedate) and if necessary, an IV catheter is placed to allow for IV fluids during the procedure. This helps with hydration status during the dental as well as helps to control blood pressure. Having an IV catheter in place will allow immediate access to a vein if there was an emergency situation.

* An induction drug is then injected into their vein to allow us to place their endotracheal tube and start administering their gas anesthesia and oxygen (which stays on throughout the entire procedure).

* Your pet is hooked up to our monitoring equipment for their heart rate, blood pressure, and other important vital signs.

* The dental cleaning is started by using an ultrasonic scaler to scale off all the tartar build up on all surfaces of the teeth.

* After scaling, a dental probe is used to check for any gum pockets, loose teeth, or other abnormalities that might lead to tooth extractions.

* Similar to human dental cleanings, a high speed polisher is used to smooth the surface of all teeth to help keep plaque and tartar off the teeth. However, this is only temporary, and it is highly recommended that you participate in home dental care!

* Once the teeth are all polished, a fluoride foam is applied to their teeth for extra protection.

* Your pet is recovered in a cage with nice warm blankets and hot water bottles! After a few hours, they are ready to head home that same day.

This is a “before” and “after” picture of a dog dental cleaning! What a difference!

As stated before, it is highly recommended that your pets receive dental care at home. We know how busy daily lives can be, but even just taking a few minutes a day to brush your pets’ teeth can make a difference! There are also other dental products such as dental chews, water additives, or gels that can be placed on their teeth.

If you are interested in learning more about your pets’ dental health or to schedule a dental cleaning, give the clinic a call at 262-695-6120. You can also reach us by email if needed at info@lakeviewanimalclinicwi.com