Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween to all of our human and fur friends!

Sometimes we find that with all the excitement of costumes, parties, candy, and guests, it’s easy to forget to make sure our pets are kept safe and comfortable during all the Halloween shenanigans! Please read on for some helpful and important information.


* Any type of chocolate contains an ingredient called Theobromine, which can be very dangerous to dogs and cats if consumed. Our pets can’t metabolize the Theobromine as quickly as humans do, which means they can actually get chocolate poisoning.

*  Sugar, fat, and artificial sweeteners that are found in all types of candy and chocolate are also very dangerous for our pets to ingest. These things can cause issues such as pancreatitis, which can potentially be fatal.

* All in all, Candy=Danger! Keep it up high and out of reach of our nosey fur-babies!


* Pets can become nervous or overexcited with incessant door bell ringing or chatter from trick-or-treaters.

* If possible, keep your dog and/or cat in a separate area of the house away from the outside distractions.

* Some pets are much happier and relaxed if left with a TV or radio on to drown out excessive noise from trick-or-treaters.


* Be careful when you open your door to guests and/or treat seekers on Halloween so that your pet doesn’t dart outside!

* Ensure your pets have proper identification in case this unfortunate event happens. Microchips, collar tags, and personalized collars are all great I.D. options.