Happy New Year!

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Well, the year 2013 is quickly coming to an end and now is a great time to reflect back on the memories 2013 has brought before we celebrate the new year with friends, family, and fur-kids!

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. ” ~Hal Borland

Some Things to Keep in Mind During Celebrations:

* Remember to keep your pets on their regular diet throughout the holiday celebrations. Nothing ruins a holiday more than an emergency vet visit!!

* If your pets get stressed with company over, find a comfortable, “safe” place for them to be such as a spare bedroom. Leave plenty of toys (that they can’t destroy!) and fresh water. Also, sometimes having a TV on or soft music can help keep them calm and drown out other noises.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Pets:

* Getting your pet to their ideal weight range. Pets can struggle with weight control just like humans, however they need our help to get to their ideal weight and maintain it.

– Check on the back of your pets’ food bag for the recommended range you should be feeding your pet.

– Use an actual measuring cup to make sure you are feeding exact amounts.

– Decrease or eliminate the amount of human food your pet may receive, as well as any other treats.

* Getting more exercise in with your dog and/or cat.

– If your dog likes to be around other dogs, a great place to go for exercise and socialization would be a dog park. Make sure your pet is up to date on vaccines and also spayed/neutered before going.

– If your dog likes to play fetch or chase after toys, try to make it a habit to do this for at least a half hour every day. This can help immensely with releasing their energy and keeping them in shape. Also, chasing them up and down a staircase wears them out pretty quickly (and is good cardio exercise for humans!).

– For cats, laser pointers work wonders to make them move around and get exercise. Just remember to let them “catch” the red dot every once in a while so they don’t get too frustrated! Also, toys with cat-nip in them can motivate them to play and burn off fat.

* Annual Check Ups for both dogs and cats. This is so very important for our pets as they age quicker than humans, and often don’t show signs of illness until they’ve been sick for a while.

– Just one phone call to the clinic and we can get you and your pet scheduled for an appointment.

– Bring any questions/concerns you have about your pet(s) so we can address them while you are here.


Reflect on 2013, and lets welcome 2014 with open arms as it can hold all sorts of possibilities for each and every one of us and our pets!