What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

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Does your pet have bad breath and need to have his teeth professionally cleaned? Are you worried about putting your pet under anesthesia to have the procedure done? Can your pet really have clean white teeth again? Look at these before and after pictures. Yes this can be your pet.

Let me walk you through a typical dental cleaning procedure.

       The patient is fasted overnight and dropped off at the clinic in the morning.

       The technician draws blood to check liver and kidney values to determine if the patient is a good candidate for anesthesia. We run the sample in our lab and have results within minutes.

        We then place an IV catheter. The patient will be hooked up to fluids during the procedure. This will help to maintain blood pressure and support the kidneys. It also gives us access to a vein immediately in case of emergency.

        The doctor performs an exam, listens to the heart, and gives pre-anesthestic medication to calm and sedate the pet.

        Once the animal is sleepy, we give an IV anesthetic that will allow us to place a tube in the pet’s trachea and maintain them on gas anesthesia.

        We hook up the heart rate monitor, blood pressure cuff, ECG leads, temperature, and pulse ox  clips. A certified veterinary technician will monitor these parameters throughout the whole procedure.

        Once everything is ready, we use an ultrasonic scaling tool to remove all the plaque and tarter from all surfaces of the teeth. Then, just like the human dentist, we polish the teeth with with a high speed polisher.

        Fluoride is applied and the veterinarian performs a complete oral exam, checking for loose teeth, deep gum pockets, and any other abnormalities.

        Once completed, and recovered we can send your friend home that same afternoon.

Now your job begins…….The technician will review at home techniques to maintain that clean fresh mouth. This may involve teeth brushing, oral rinses, or dental treats.

To view a video on how to brush your dog’s teeth click here