Animal Care

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Animal Care

Your Family Pet:
Dogs and Cats

Lakeview Animal Clinic is founded on the philosophy that your dog or cat is more than just a pet – it is a member of the family.

As dog and cat owners ourselves, we know that our patients are not just another animal – they are your best friend.That’s why we have dedicated our professional lives to treating your companions.

High-quality Medicine

Our mission is to be your pet wellness partner. That means, we will work with you to ensure that your dog or cat is always healthy and happy.

We offer longer appointment times so that we can give your pets all the attention that they deserve and spend time with you to discuss their care.

Onsite Surgical Center
Onsite Laboratory
Online pharmacy
Digital X-rays
Electronic medical records

Preventive Care

The key to keeping your dog or cat happy and healthy is preventive care. Once or twice a year, you and your dog or cat should visit Dr. Anna for a pet nose-to-toes-to-tail examination.
Simple diagnostic tests that can often spot problems before symptoms show. Dr. Anna also reviews preventive care strategies such as: good nutrition, parasite control and maintaining a healthy weight and active lifestyle. With early detection, we can resolve any potential problems before they become severe and costly.

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