keep your pet in shape

Pet Nutritional Counseling in Pewaukee

We at Lakeview Animal Clinic provide nutritional counseling if you have any questions relating to your pet’s food or nutrition.

Is your pet looking and feeling their best?

Staying in shape is just as crucial for your pet as it is for you. Your dog or cat may need to follow a particular nutritional and exercise regimen to accomplish this. The life expectancy of your dog or cat may rise by two to three years if they are put on a correct diet and workout plan. You could also anticipate seeing a happier pet with fewer stomach issues, less sensitive skin, and a lustrous coat due to feeding them correctly.

Nutrition is essential for your pet’s general health and well-being. Your pet’s nutritional needs vary depending on their age and level of activity. Prescription diets can help manage several medical issues such as kidney disease, diabetes, and heart disease by providing tailored nutrition. Collaborate with your veterinarian to select the right food and quantity of intake that works best for your pet. Every dog is different; therefore, it’s essential to discover what works best for them.

Overfeeding a pet that knows how to beg is a typical issue among pets. However, being overweight is a genuine problem for animals and can lead to serious illness as they get older. All pets should be able to satisfy their nutritional requirements while remaining within an appropriate weight range if they are given proper food and exercise.

As a pet matures, its nutritional requirements change. The ideal approach to assure that your pet’s needs are met is to create a diet tailored to them and their lifestyle.