Gobble Gobble!

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Can you believe it’s Thanksgiving time already?? Our staff at Lakeview Animal Clinic wants to make sure everyone gets to keep the “happy” in Happy Thanksgiving by keeping these pet safety tips in mind!

We all know that look. Those big, brown puppy eyes gently staring up at you as if they are saying ” Aren’t I the cutest, most loving dog in the whole world? Could you share just a little piece of that delicious smelling food?” Our adorable pets can sometimes be hard to resist, but lets keep their health and our peace of mind a priority this turkey day!

It’s obvious that our pets love snacking on turkey bones, but did you know that these could be very harmful for your pet? Bird bones are hollow, which make them very prone to splintering. These bones can cause obstruction or even perforation in our furry friends intestinal tract, in which emergency surgery would be warranted to save them.  Also, consuming food cooked in oils, butter, and many other ingredients can cause pancreatitis, which would need treatment right away! The best plan is to stick with their regular diet. Of course, we know what it’s like to want to spoil our pets on this day of thanks, so here are a few ideas to keep them feeling special!

KONGS– this toy is a durable rubber that is hollow inside to allow for treat stuffing! Use a few kibbles of your pet’s normal food, and sneak in a few healthy treats like plain green beans, carrots, and maybe even a tiny piece of plain, cooked ham or turkey. You can also just put a spoonful of peanut butter in the toy and this will keep them distracted as they lick out every last bit! Kongs can be put in the freezer with the snacks inside, to make it last longer if your pet is a fast eater.

IQ BALL/TREAT BALL- This toy is available for both dogs and cats. It is a round plastic ball with a small hole at the top. The idea is to make your pet roll the ball around to get the pieces of treat/kibble to fall out, which makes for a good work out and rewards them for being so smart!

Symptoms to look for in case of your pet ingesting something harmful

* GI upset is most common. This means vomiting and/or diarrhea

* Your pet may also become lethargic if not feeling well

* Decreased appetite


If your pets become nervous or stressed with guests over, try to keep them in a different area of the house with a TV or radio on. They can also safely be provided with the toys listed above to keep them busy.